Python Twitch API

This is a full implementation of the Twitch Helix API and its Webhook in python 3.7.

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On PyPi:

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Install using pip:

`pip install twitchAPI`


For more detailed usage examples, see the links below

from twitchAPI.twitch import Twitch
from pprint import pprint
twitch = Twitch('my_app_key', 'my_app_secret')
# lets create a simple app authentication:


This module uses the logging module for creating Logs. Valid loggers are:

  • twitchAPI.twitch
  • twitchAPI.pubsub
  • twitchAPI.oauth
  • twitchAPI.webhook

Indices and tables

twitchAPI.twitch The Twitch API client
twitchAPI.webhook Full Implementation of the Twitch Webhook
twitchAPI.pubsub PubSub client
twitchAPI.oauth User OAuth Authenticator and helper functions
twitchAPI.types Type Definitions
twitchAPI.helper Helper functions