Version 2.2.4

  • added Python 3.9 compatibility
  • improved example for pubsub

Version 2.2.3

  • added new “get channel editors” endpoint
  • added new “delete videos” endpoint
  • added new “get user block list” endpoint
  • added new “block user” endpoint
  • added new “unblock user” endpoint
  • added new authentication scopes
  • some refactoring

Version 2.2.2

  • added missing API base url to delete_custom_reward, get_custom_reward, get_custom_reward_redemption and update_redemption_status (thanks asphaltschneider!)

Version 2.2.1

  • added option to set a ssl context to be used by Webhook
  • fixed modify_channel_information throwing ValueError (thanks asishm!)
  • added default route to Webhook on / for easier debugging
  • properly check for empty lists in the selection of the used AuthScope in get_users
  • raise ValueError if both from_id and to_id are None in subscribe_user_follow of Webhook

Version 2.2.0

  • added missing “Create custom rewards” endpoint
  • added missing “Delete Custom rewards” endpoint
  • added missing “Get Custom Reward” endpoint
  • added missing “Get custom reward redemption” endpoint
  • added missing “Update custom Reward” endpoint
  • added missing “Update redemption status” endpoint
  • added missing pagination parameters to endpoints that support them
  • improved documentation
  • properly handle 401 response after retries

Version 2.1

Added a Twitch PubSub client implementation.

See twitchAPI.pubsub for more Info!

  • added PubSub client
  • made UserAuthenticator URL dynamic
  • added named loggers for all modules
  • fixed bug in Webhook.subscribe_subscription_events
  • added Twitch.get_user_auth_scope

Version 2.0.1

Fixed some bugs and implemented changes made to the Twitch API

Version 2.0

This version is a major overhaul of the Webhook, implementing missing and changed API endpoints and adding a bunch of quality of life changes.

  • Reworked the entire Documentation
  • Webhook subscribe and unsubscribe now waits for handshake to finish
  • Webhook now refreshes its subscriptions
  • Webhook unsubscribe is now a single function
  • Webhook auto unsubscribes from topics on stop()
  • Added unsubscribe_all function to Webhook
  • Twitch instance now auto renews auth token once they become invalid
  • Added retry on API backend error
  • Added get_drops_entitlements endpoint
  • Fixed function signature of get_webhook_subscriptions
  • Fixed update_user_extension not writing data
  • get_user_active_extensions now requires User Authentication
  • get_user_follows now requires at elast App Authentication
  • get_users now follows the changed API Authentication logic
  • get_stream_markers now also checks that at least one of user_id or video_id is provided
  • get_streams now takes a list for game_id
  • get_streams now checks the length of the language list
  • get_moderator_events now takes in a list of user_ids
  • get_moderators now takes in a list of user_ids
  • get_clips can now use the first parameter
  • Raise exception when twitch backend returns 503 even after a retry
  • Now use custom exception classes
  • Removed depraced endpoint get_streams_metadata